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Kawthar Mineral Water

The company’s first branch is the manufacturing plant for “Kawthar” Pure Mineral Water. The plant is located at plot 634, along the chingola road in Kitwe , on its own premises, a total surface of 16.000m2 in area.


The premises include production and storage facilities as well as offices for the administrative services. The bottling – standardization and packaging facilities are integrated and automated: Kawthar bottle manufacturing - bottling – boxing – palletization.

The production plant operates a total of 7 production/bottling lines, with a delivery rate of 200 million bottles per year.


The plant has a fully equipped microbiology laboratory and employs a staff of 7 experienced, qualified chemical engineers/ chemists/ assistants who are responsible for conducting daily water inspections (physicochemical-microbiological-organoleptic- dimensional) at every step of the manufacturing process, from its pumping until its distribution in compliance with Zambia's legislation. In addition, packaging material is monitored and staff and plant hygiene checks are carried out regularly. Critical control points along the manufacturing process are monitored in accordance with the HACCP system for prevention of potential hazards but also for overall monitoring of the quality assurance systems.


In terms of microbiological controls, during the years 2011 and 2012, 3000 and 4000 water samples were collected and tested, respectively.


The plant receives water from its under ground springs on its location.


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