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Mealie Meal that is , Breakfast and Roller Meal, Bread Flour, Wheat Flour, Maize Bran and Maize Grits.


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Mealie Meal Production

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Cereal Miller Farms Limited is a Private Company Limited by shares and was incorporated on the 5th day of October 2006, with the Registrar of Companies.


We are situated along Isanya road apposite main market and the company’s registered office is Plot No. 899,900,901 and 902 – Mbala as one property. Postal Box No. 420207, Mbala. Cereal Millers and Farms Limited has a milling plant and large depot s with modern facilities based in the heart of Mbala District.


Cereal Millers and Farms Limited a milling plant and has large depot with modern facilities based in the heart of Mbala District.

Line of Business

Cereal Miller Farms Limited birthed over five years ago with a view to providing the most needed staple food; contributing to a healthy nation also created employment to the Zambians in rural and urban areas.


The main line of our business is maize milling, distribution, selling and trading the same.


With a crop of innovative and risk taking personnel in management, the company has made great strides to expand plants, machineries, milling facilities, etc on a larger scale. CMF Ltd has maintained its position as a miller of in the manufacturing industry since its incorporation.


The company has undergone a lot of transformation in order to survive the stiff competition in the sector. Through its prudent management strategies, CMF has a sizeable workforce with the structure in place composed of dynamic and innovative management team. The company delights itself in maintaining a flexible business attitude to meet the ever changing needs of its esteemed clients. Our fishing strategies are second to none.

The company has engaged professionals who have sufficient experience and technical expertise to run an efficient and modern milling plant. The Company has not only created  employment but also provides a cost effective and affordable service. We employ a total of 80 individuals and have 25 of our employees on a permanent status.


The company has contributed to the national coffers and local authorities in terms of taxes, levies licenses and permits.

Market & Competition

The manufacturing industry has become competitive in recent years in Zambia.

This company is comparatively enjoying considerable market share of approximately across the nation i.e. in wholesaling and retailing. Competition is stiff except that we are involved rightly from fishing, purchasing, processing, and distribution and selling. We have the capacity to contain any manner of competition.


Our pricing of the products is competitive as compared to other milling companies.


Branches & Agents

We have outlets in the following towns of Zambia: Mbala (2) , Mpulungu (2) , Kasama and Nakonde. We have over Five (5) agents in Mbala itself.

Management Team

Future Plans & the Environment

As Cereal Millers and Farms  limited, we wish to venture into the production of Cooking oil, suffice to say, a Cooking Oil Plant within Zambia. This will be done as a way to raise the employment levels and thus contribute to the economy of the nation as a whole.


For our Social Responsibility, we annually give back to our community where we are stationed. We donate different food and clothing items to the less privileged.


On the environment, we as Cereal Millers & Farms strictly follow the policies as published by ZEMA. For our toxic substances produced from our old machine, we have a water tank which collects and disposes the substances in safe manner. Our New Machinery does not use water thus no such toxic substances are released. Our pipes are designed according to the safe regulations that guide the release of substances in the atmosphere.

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