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True Quality takes time to craft. Sometimes longer than 5 years... So take time and savour it


Starting out as gentle rainfall, every drop of Kawthar's water spends up to 5 years filtering naturally through the ground.


On its long journey through the earth, our spring water moves through different soil and rock layers that imbue it with the minerals that are responsible for its unique composition. To preserve these extraordinary properties, our bottling

process is specially designed to ensure that the water is bottled as close as possible to how we found it.

Kawthar is distinguished by its naturally sweet taste and is available in 500 ml bottles, 750 ml bottles and 20 l Water Dispenser bottles. A registered product of ACM Products ltd, it is regularly and professionally tested to maintain its high quality at all times.


It is this unrelenting commitment to quality is what has made Kawthar , Zambia's favorite bottled mineral water.


What we do...

Copperhill Shopping Mall

ACM Hardware Suppliers

Construction of a 3 Star Modern Hotel

Our Hardware store comprises a number of Construction and Building materials, Building Tools and Equipment, Paints and related materials, Furniture, Building Finishers, Safety Gear, Office Products among many other items.

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The first ever shopping mall constructed in the city of Kitwe. This investment has seen over 40 stores been taken up by local and international businesses like edgars, pep, pick n pay , debonairs among many.

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Being a company comprising of visionary top leaders, we have made great strides to expand our business by constructing a 3 Star Modern Hotel, Artificial Lake, Show Rooms, Cinema Hall & other modern infrastructures.

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How Kawthar is made...

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Kawthar pure mineral water is extracted from the underground spring filtered and purified by the method of osmosis. This water is sterilised by ozonation and ultraviolet treatment.


The company’s first branch is the manufacturing plant for “Kawthar” Pure Mineral [ Read More ]

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